Emails late 48 hours on iPhoneX

For some reason I’m receiving emails (on Gmail) 48 hours late on iPhone X and iPad pro 12.9. I don’t know what is the problem, since I’ve updated them as usual, and I tried everything I could, but with no results. Does somebody have an idea what could be the problem?

Hey there!
The problem could be your wifi connection, or check your Fetch settings for these accounts (Settings/ Accounts & Passwords/ Fetch New Data/ [fetch frequency]). Since this is a new device the setting could have changed. Note that “Automatically” only fetches while on power and Wi-Fi (so, essentially “Manually” when not on power/Wi-Fi). I set my fetch frequency to “Every 15 minutes” but that will use more battery.

try to use it on mail app rather than using gmail app.