Enable "connect to wireless Display" in Enterprise N?

Hello Everyone.
Does anyone have the experience to enable the “Connect to a Wireless Display” on Win10 Enterprise N?
Nowadays I am in search that how can I move from Win10 Pro to Win10 Enterprise N. but suddenly I go into one of the issues that I run into without a solution (so far) is the ability to “Connect to a Wireless Display”.
Our test users with laptops that have re-imaged to Enterprise N can no longer connect to Miracast hosts, whether it be built into the TV (such as LG or Samsung), or even the official Microsoft Display Adapter. At first, clicking the “Connect to Wireless Display” didn’t even detect any available Miracast devices, but that was resolved by installing the Windows 10 Media Pack, which added Media Player (and media streaming features) back in.
The laptops do at least see the Miracast devices now, but after clicking on one of them to connect, we still get a generic “Unable to Connect” message. It does show a “connecting” message on both the laptop and the TV but eventually fails. Other devices on Win10 Pro are still working as expected, so we can confidently rule out any coincidental firewall changes or such.
so guys
Anyone else who can enable this issue?
Thanks in advance.