Error 0x800f0922 installing KB4515384

Hello everyone…

I have a Dell Optiplex 7040 based windows 10 (tower, not SFF).

A few days ago I converted to 1903 then rarely the answer that I have received was the two 7040, they came to me while the update was not going to update. and it not able to boot the windows. With the option of choosing a default operating system, I booted it to get the correct windows installation by using a USB.

But someday ago when I need to install (Edit: through Windows Update or manually from the catalog) the 1903 cumulative update (KB4515384), it gets to 99%, but suddenly it shows me a big failure message and it backs itself.

The common issues which I am facing are the following.

  1. A specified part of my system was reserved for it.
  2. NET not installed/enabled.
  3. Internet connection was Poor.

These issues are in it but rather than those, I didn’t notice that the reserved partition shows RAW at disk management. but it looks perfect at wizard partition.

Although the partition is not out of space, I believe that something is going wrong in it. that I can’t attempt.

But still, I believe that there are so many Guys who know the solution to it.

I am waiting for you guys
Thank you in advance…

Hello @Oliver1

In Windows 10 reserved partition created automatically and we can’t delete those partitions. If you would share screen shot of disk management console then it would be easy for me to solve the problem.

For update problem go through the following link.