Error on 1909 update through second partition

Hi all! I tried installing Windows 10 update version 1909, downloaded directly from the Microsoft’s page. I get an error if I try to do so through my second partition “we couldn’t create a new partition or locate an existing one.” I tried several steps from online guides but nothing worked. Can anyone help out?

Hi @Lennon,

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Log in your PC with safe mode with command prompt option or insert Windows 10 USB installation At the custom advanced window, do the following:

  • Press Shift + F10 on your keyboard (Applies only if you are using USB Installation drive)

  • type the following commands


  • Hit Enter

  • list volume

  • Next you will select the volume where you would like to install Windows 10

  • Type: select disk (represents the number the volume)

  • Type: clean

  • convert mbr

  • create partition primary

  • active

  • format quick fs=ntfs

  • exit

  • exit

Restart, then try again.

Hello @Lennon

Welcome to the community :bouquet:

Would you please to share your error message or if you share screenshot of that error it will help me to make me understand that
what is the actual problem.

As @tjnihal said. from cmd delete partitions with diskpart and recreate it. this way will fix your problem