Error on email digital sign

Hello. Yesterday, I got an error on the email digital sign (certificate in Outlook). The OME message upon Encrypt does not work for me anymore. Every mail I send, recipients get this message: “This message is protected with Microsoft Information Protection.” I cannot download .rpmsg. It would work only if I remove the digital ID from the Outlook. Is this normal?

You need an email client that supports protected messages (which Outlook 2013 does), and authenticate by using the same email address that was used to send you the email. When you say you “tried to register with Azure Rights Management for individuals”, were you successful? Did you specify the same email address as the one that was used to send you the protected email? If you did, sign in to Outlook using that account and then try to open the protected email.

Alternatively, if you have an iOS or Android mobile device that doesn’t have Office Mobile installed, install the Azure Information Protection app and when prompted, enter your RMS credentials for individuals

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Please follow the below link

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