Errors on "Growl.framework"

Hi all, I am a developer in possession of macOS package from several years ago. When I try to notarise this particular app, I get errors on “Growl.framework” and for a static library “libchilkatCocoa.a”. Here they are:

  • Error “The binary uses an SDK older than the 10.9 SDK” for “Growl.framework”.

  • "The binary is not signed for “libchilkatCocoa.a”.

I need someone to explain to me how is this possible and how can I get it repaired!

Thanks in advance, Jeff

The solution I’ve found so far is to delete the entire build/ directory and rebuild (which is much more than just doing a “clean” in xcode). So far I have not seen the problem recur for any developer after performing that. Please let me know if this does or doesn’t fix your problem, since I want to know whether I need to continue hunting solutions for this problem should it come back.