File explorer slow or unresponsive when outside the domain network

We have a few staff who are remote users and most of the time they work off-field, some times they do not have access to the internet due to the remote location they are it and they have to use VPN into the network to access the storage.

Like, when their network is very poor or when they are completely isolated from the network the file explorer is extremely slow, I know this is a common issue with windows 10 because VPN trying to authenticate the network share if you have mapped network drives but you are off the network it will have that green progress bar with “working on it…”

Now I want to improve this situation as more staff making complaints about it very often. So, I had thought about making a script that he can run offsite that will remove the network drives on their computers. The script needs to reconnect them again to the network when they are in our office network or their internet performance is fine. Our login script will re-add them but I wanted to see if there is a more automated option.

Now I am open for any suggestion or feedback on this requirement as simply I wants to speed this up? perhaps modify the search index or changes to the quick access? any ideas?


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