File share error after updating to Windows 10 2004. You do not have permission to access the file share path

Hello Everyone.

Recently Microsoft Launched Windows 10 Version 2004, and in my office, everyone wants to update their computers including me.

So a few days ago we update our computer, After updating a few computers on our domain to version 2004 we found that when the user tries to click on their files shares in files explorer it gives the error: Windows cannot access “file share path”. You do not have permission to access the “file share path”. Contact your network administrator to request access.

The only workaround right now is to disconnect each network drive and remap them, but the issues come back after rebooting.
Is this an issue Microsoft is going to have to fix or is there something with our file shares on our domain that would possibly be the issue?
Only computers running version 2004 have the issue.

We checked about this issue on google, but we can’t find a proper solution.