Files under ~/Desktop path are inaccessible

All files under ~/Desktop path are inaccessible by most applications, including Finder. Double-clicking the file or using “File > Open…” both fail, with the message "The document XXXX could not be opened."Files can be renamed in Finder, can quickly view and copy to other directories, but can’t be moved from Desktop, or deleted. Files in other directories can’t be moved to Desktop, apps can’t save files to it, while error message says: “The file ‘Desktop’ couldn’t be opened”. Reboot temporarily solves it, but logout and re-login make it happen again. Device, OS and other background info: ( info ). Can anyone help me with this?

Hi there,

I had the same problem and was able to fix it like this.

System Preferences -> Users/Groups
Click the “padlock”, enter your password
Click the “+” and add a new user. I called mine “test”
(you can keep it simple and use test as the full name, username and password)
(keep as a regular user, no need to give the “test” user admin rights)

Logout of your current account and login as the new test account.
Check to see if “Drag and Drop” works from applications to the desktop and folders now.
I restarted the system at this point.

Login as the regular user and see if “drag and drop” is working again.
Remove the “test” user account.

Doing the above resolved the problem for me.

Good luck!