Fix bad singal at home

Is there a way to get a better signal (a.k.a. fixing it) while at home? Up until recently, everything was fine. Now, however, it is hard to hear the other side, internet is slow, and even SMS takes time to be delivered. This happened after a recent update on Android.

That’s odd.

An android update never meant to downgrading devices, it could either the career problem or hardware issue, have you try to switch career network?

Hi @Bib1,

Try to reset your phone which will remove the latest Android upgrade and see everything was working like before or Maybe your ISP relocated or removed the nearest tower from your place then your option will be changing the ISP.

It may be ISP issue. there is some way fro ISP, it can install at your place device which can enhance your signal. contact to your ISP

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Hello @Bib1

As suggested by @Winterfell10 update never meant to downgrading devices performance.
Did you check that is there all other android phone facing the
same problem If yes then Problem must be in your Router Device or It is problem of Internet service provider.
If other devices getting better signal then problem is in your specific device.

Hi @Bib1

Navigate to Settings > Wireless & Network > Mobile Networks > Preferred network mode > Select 3G/2G auto

Else Try with 2G only
it may help your problem.