"_" flashing on a black screen

I left my PC turned on and the next morning there was a “_” flashing on a black screen. Tried to reboot but 240GB SSD no longer bootable. Seems that the partition was blown out and its MBR has a “hiding utility” active, to make the drive hidden from the BIOS and OS. From the first boot-up: “The disk is not visible to the BIOS after the initial bootup”. Once the drive gets hidden and I can’t access it, even after resetting the power or clearing the CMOS. Tried with more than 10 antiviruses, they either fail to run or an error occurs due to the drive being hidden. Are there any utility recommendations that could permit low-level access and eventually remove this?

hi you should change your hard drive because virus has completly destroyed your hard drive

Hello @Kingblue

As you mentioned that, it seems that your hard disk is not detecting, check hard disk status in Bios (CMOS setup) and if not detecting do the following steps.
step-1 Check data cable, make sure it is connected properly.
step-2 Check Power cable and reconnect power cable.
step-3 if hard disk is detecting, check OS is there if not then you will have to install Operating System.