Folder redirection, folders going missing but appearing again

Hi all,

There is a little bit of hope in us that some can trust and help us.

We currently redirecting the setup for the company users and a lot of our guys are outbound busy with Projects.

We have a user who is facing current issues with his desktop and documents disappearing constantly while offsite. We decide to check that if the password wasn’t expired also we have checked that the folder can sync offline. It is odd and that we can not seem to get past this problem.

But we found one similar thing that if we connect that with other WiFi the lost folders can regain to us… (contractors wifi works but the wifi at guest house or hotspot from Cellphone does not work or some site’s wifi). Is it possible that there are ports involved being blocked? I wouldn’t think so as it should show even if its offline.

We also research a lot that Windows 10 update 1803 could cause files to go missing, but the files appear now and then.

Thus anyone has any recommended fixes?
Can simply guide us…

Thankfully to all of u