Forgot the privacy app’s encryption code

Hello everyone, I need help right now! I forgot the privacy app’s encryption code and cannot find it anywhere. Is there a solution on how to retrieve it, change it, or whatever? Suggestions would be really helpful to me right now… L I am using phone Vivo y71i and its Privacy app password.

Hi @Steven,

To my knowledge, You have to do a factory reset your phone to reset the privacy password. Passwords are extremely important, and the ones used for encryption, privacy, and your screen lock often can’t be retrieved (due to the sensitivity of the information they’re protecting) – so you have to remember them. In the future, if you have problems remembering this info, write it down on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe somewhere.

Hi @Steven

Did you try Forgot Password option ?

Hey there!
Try to reset your phone from scratch
In that way al passwords will be forgoten and ready to place new ones