Forticlient software not working in Windows 10

We have a user who is using a laptop. If he needs to work from home, he takes his laptop with him and connects via a VPN. Recently, his desktop has gone black with a redirected folders error. When he goes to apps to connect to forticlient in order to VPN in, he gets a JavaScript error. Things work as administrators of course.

My troubleshooting steps so far:

  • Restarted multiple times

  • I logged in as a local administrator account while connected to the network initially. Logged off, disconnected from the network, connected via WiFi and had no issues. So it would appear to be connected to this particular end-user.

  • deleted his User profile from the computer.

  • deleted his user AD profile from the server.

I am not able to understand the exact cause of the issue and not even know the words search for the best answer.

Please give any suggestion to solve my problem

Hello @Harper1

Check this link to solve your problem.