Free antivirus software recommendations wanted

What free antivirus software do you recommend or use on Windows 10?

Whoever ask me for free antivirus I suggest them only FortiClient. It used to be paid service with Fortinet Firewall recently they make it free for everyone. Forticlient comes with other built-in features which you can have them too.


If you’re on Windows 10, there is no necessary to use 3rd party software as the latest Windows Defender is way much better and outperform 3rd party like avast in general uses, such as defending the desktop from Malware, free and no additional disk needed:)

Hi @admin

For free antivirus area you can able to download

  1. Adwcleaner :
    it is good for Malware and Cleaning

  2. Windows Defender
    this is inbuilt Antivirus from Windows. it is more powerful than other Free antivirus.

  3. For Browser protection you have to use Adcleaner, Adblock extensions to prevent from adware.

My opinion is windows defender is best for windows 10, It is inbuilt
software tool that is supported by Microsoft,
So you don’t need to go for third party software.

windows defender is best for windows but, and sometimes for full scan i am using Avast antivirus.

Hey there!
I recomend Avast AV, is free and it gives you a daily check of your laptop

Kaspersky Free Antivirus 19. A perfect choice for free antivirus