Fresh Install of Windows 10 from free upgrade

Hello Everyone,
I currently have an HP 2000 laptop computer that was bought with Win8/8.1 (I can’t remember) pre-installed. A few years back, I did the free upgrade to Windows 10. The computer has gotten slow and it needs to be cleaned up so I went to BestBuy and purchased a 240 GB SSD. My question is: How do I install Windows 10 back on this SSD, or am I out of luck? I have managed to get what I think is the OS Product key, but I believe it is a Win8 key. Do you guys know if I am still able to install Win8 and possibly upgrade it to 10 for free? Basically, what is the reinstall options with the Win8 to Win10 free upgrade path?
For the record, I have tried to install windows 10 with the product key I have (which failed). I attempted to bypass the activation at installation and put the key in later after the OS was installed. What are my other options? Am I somehow able to reset Windows 10 onto my new SSD?
If all else fails, I will back up data, reset Windows and go from there but I would like it on the SSD.
Thus anybody has any suggestions to solve this issue.

Hello @Charlie

You can get your answer in the below link of Microsoft Team.