Google Chrome not displaying properly on Windows 10 1803

Hello, Everyone
Good Morning!

We have several users of google chrome at our IT department for downloading images for our projects.

However, recently one of us upgraded windows 10 version 1803, and he installed Google chrome on his laptop, after that while he launching google chrome, the browser not showing any texts, and not accepting any URLs, and he cannot create any new tab.

Step he has taken so far:

  1. Verified there is no issue with tha image.
  2. Uninstalled and re-installed Google chrome.
  3. Check and run windows updates.

What is missing?

The image is here.

And I had something similar happen before when I was trying to change google Chrome background wallpaper.

I changed it to black color when I tried to open a new tab the items take a few seconds to displays.

But on this issue not showing any displays after taking a few minutes.

Please share your experience about this issue.