GPO Software Deployment Via Group Policy


I am trying to deploy some software using GPO but my end users do not have local admin rights and the MSI is not actually installing. I cannot give them local admin rights and as I have tested it IS the admin rights that are the issue as I gave myself local admin rights on my computer and it pushed fine.

I have tried a multitude of things like a run as script which I could never get to work fully, I have tried to push with other software’s like PDQ but since we have windows firewalls on it won’t actually push.
does anyone know a foolproof way to get around the local admin rights. it seems to me that Group Policy should be able to do this by default.

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When you install software using group policy, you don’t need to give them local admin rights, as I also install software using group policy in domain. I know that we don’t need to give local domain rights.
If you want to check you can download Firefox Mozilla software with MSI extension
Step-1 Download Mozilla with MSI extension
Step-2 copy downloaded software in any folder in any drive.
step-3 Share the same folder that containts software to everyone as read only
step-4 Now go to group policy and follow the steps.
Step -5 check the steps from microsoft support or follow any video.

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