Hack turns "Do Not Disturb" mode

Is there a way to fix a hack on my phone that turns “Do Not Disturb” mode on my phone? It happens all the time. It is Android and it happened recently via Chrome or Edge browser. I also have unwanted ads going on and even factory test is blocked! Oukitel C8 4G with Android 7 and I also have Kaspersky protection. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @GordonB,

There are a lot of complaints about the do-not-disturb feature on Android lately. There could be various reasons why this happened to some Android users so please read the below article carefully to know which of the following methods will best resolve your device’s issue.How to Fix Do Not Disturb That Keeps Turning On (Android)

To be honest, there won’t be “possible back” as there’s no utter motive whatsoever, and Kaspersky or any Anti-virus are only gimmicks, of peace of mind keepers, it’s not worthy to “actually ddos and takeover an Android” so let’s hush away that thoughts, and rest assured that hacker won’t find it worthy to crack a 6 inch metallic-made tech.

I am pretty sure it’s a bugs, you might try to backup whole things and try to factory reset and see if it gives fresh ahead.
If the problem still persistent, then you’re out of luck and forcefully wait for next manufacture patches by sending them a feedback