Has anyone encounter this with Remote Desktop?

A few days ago I updated my windows and rebuilt it to windows 10 via MDT for deployment to a couple of test VMs. The build was fine, deployed fine but I couldn’t get RDP to work fine.and also it couldn’t connect to VM after setting it up…

I have tried so many things to my Frist step is to right-click on the icon of this pc then go to the properties then click on the remote settings…but in that dialogue box, everything seems fine especially the remote desktop Pannell.

Now - the screen-cap above is from my work PC - but on my test VM - the “Enable Remote Desktop” slider was set to OFF.

Is the “old way” deprecated now without my knowledge?
but I think that there are so many faces who solve this one

Thus anyone faces this issue on Windows 10 1809 (Specifically)?

Thanks a lot…

Hello @George
Try this settings.,
Windows Components/Remote Desktop Services/Remote Desktop Session Host/Connectionshide

Policy Setting Comment Allow users to connect remotely by using Remote Desktop Services Enabled