Hotmail account "hacked" - should I worry?

Recently I opened up my Hotmail account and got a message from a “hacker” who states that he has my passwords and has hacked my account. Although one of those passwords are mine (Hotmail only), should I really be worried? I got like 4 of them in last few weeks, all related to Hotmail. I changed passwords and got 2FA, just in case.

Hey there!
It depends in what type of information you usually have with that account
Changing the password should be enough, also if you can add more safety to your account, do it.
Also do not pay a lot of attention of a message you recieve, sometimes that is how the hack your computer.
Do not worry, change the passwords and add more safety provided by Hotmail.


I got the same mail on my email and don’t worry about it. also please don’t open any attachment or any link provided in this mail