How can I block some application running over Remote Desktop Connection?

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We have a common Windows 10 Pro device that runs two different applications and is used by our staff locally and through VPN using RDP. One of those applications has license terms that allow local use only, not over RDP.

We are wondering if is there any possibility to block access to only that application for all users and the main thing is that application should be blocked when connected to the device through Remote Desktop connection only not when logged as a local user.



The feature you are looking indeed not possible through remote desktop. Once the user has initiated the remote desktop connection the are granted permitted access to the device as per the user rights.

Better look for RemoteApp, Remoteapp is a virtual application solution that allows users to run windows-based applications regardless of what operating system they are using. It allows users to launch virtual applications from a server that appear on their computer as if it is installed locally, but in reality are running on a remote server.

In my opinion RemoteApp is the better solution instead of Remote Desktop to your requirement.

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Hi @AnthonyD, I second @Fawell suggestion you should definitely look for the RemoteApp option. But RemoteApp is not supported on Windows 10 to use this application you need to have a Windows server.