How Much Does Windows 10 Cost?

A computer may have the most expensive components, but the most critical feature to make everything work is the operating system (OS). Many people prefer using a Windows operating system to be compatible with most favorite programs, including games. Among the Windows operating systems, Windows 10 is the most practical OS to make computers secure.

Windows 10 comes with excellent new features and security configurations to boost the efficiency of a computer. Speed boost and security updates are the main factors why many users upgrade their older operating systems to Windows 10. Now that there is no free upgrading to Windows 10, a computer user needs to purchase Windows 10 at the best price.

Windows 10 comes in two main versions (Windows 10 Home and Pro), and an advanced Pro version for Workstations. The two main versions have several similarities in their features, but they also have some vital distinguishing factors. Below is the breakdown of Windows 10 versions and their prices:

  • Windows 10 Home: is a well-designed operating system for handling everyday computer tasks.
  • The operating system is also a perfect option for current gaming.
  • It comes with normal communication applications like mail and calendar.
  • This Windows 10 version supports touch and digital pen on compatible devices.
  • Its digital assistant is Cortana, which allows users to access weather updates, make schedules, and many more.
  • Security is a major plus with Windows 10 Home as it has inbuilt protection against malware for firewall and networking. Secure Boot and Windows Defender ensures users have a safer experience by preventing malware when the Windows runs.

With all the features, Windows 10 Home is available for $ 139

  • Windows 10 Pro: is a powerful OS version suitable for businesses as it comes with additional networking and security updates.
  • The OS allows users to customize the PC to suit business requirements.
  • It offers Group Policy support to allow organizations to create specific rules on networking and security that can apply to an access group.
  • Windows 10 Pro allows easy set-up of a Kiosk Mode for business use.
  • Network administrators can designate applications to run according to the organization’s user permission through the Assigned Access.
  • An Active Directory support enables management of access to organization resources by network users.

Windows 10 Pro can be purchased at $199.99

  • Windows 10 Pro for Workstation: This operating system is an upgraded version of Windows 10 Pro.
  • It guarantees speedy data processing, high storage capacity, and an advanced file system.
  • The OS version can also check and repair faults as with PC runs.
  • Windows 10 Pro for Workstations is best-suited for an enterprise handling massive data that needs faster processing and adequate storage.

The Workstation version costs $309

The most trusted site for purchasing Windows 10 is Microsoft; it is easy to make a purchase, and products are genuine. Many unapproved retailers are selling Windows 10 at low prices. These sites may provide fake product key; thus, ending up losing several dollars.

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