How to access Work From Home computer remotely? without disturbing users?

How to access Work From Home computer remotely? without disturbing users?

90% of our company employees took their desktop computer with them to their home. This has become very difficult for our IT team to manage all the computer because none of them are in our network. We are managing around 500s of employees most of them working from home.

All of the desktops have a VPN whenever which is used by employees to access the work network securely to download and upload the work-related files. But when we need to check any setting or need to install any software we have to contact each person and have to request them to connect their VPN or either using Anydesk or TeamViewer to gain access to their PCs. But the main part is our employees are not helpful to our quires them always make some kind of excuse so that we have to wait or beg them to get the work done.

Now we are looking for a way to manage all the desktop computers without user interactions. We don’t want to disturb any users to get our work done. We need some kind of remote software which can help us do the jobs like software installation, software uninstallation, check for windows update, install windows updates etc.,


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Try ConnectWise (Screenconnect) now has an option to connect on the backend, which just opens a session with a CMD window and a Powershell session.


I think Goverlan would be a perfect option. One of my colleague was referring to me about this software which offer Unattended Access to your internal and external machines. You can install windows updates, software, map nt drives, remote cmd from our console and many other tasks all without any user interaction. Check us out - Goverlan for more details.