How to Backup iPhone Without iCloud

Data is essential, especially if it is private and related to business. Different smartphone brands use different methods to create backups. Likewise, Apple has its ways to back up iPhone data. This created a myth that creating backups of iPhone data is difficult. But it is straightforward.

If someone told you that you would need an iCloud account to do so, that is not entirely true. Other methods are even better than the iCloud method. If you are figuring out how to back up an iPhone without iCloud, you will learn some methods here.

Why iCloud is Not as Good as Other Alternatives

iCloud is a decent method, but it has the following limitations.

  • It only offers 5GB storage capacity.
  • You need an internet connection to create/restore backups.
  • The process is slow.
  • You would need an iCloud account.

Methods to Backup Your iPhone Without iCloud

1] Via iTunes

iTunes is an official and very effective method to create a backup of your iPhone data. It does not require an iCloud account. You can take a backup of your entire phone easily and quickly. Both methods are used extensively to create backups, but the only difference is where they store them. The name “iCloud” says it all. It stores your backups in the cloud, storing them on their servers.

On the contrary, iTunes will store the backups on your PC locally. Before creating the backup, download and install iTunes on your PC. For Mac systems, iTunes will not work on every OS version. If your Mac has an older OS version and does not have macOS Catalina or above, then you can use iTunes. iTunes is also compatible with Windows. Here is how you create a backup.

  • Launch iTunes.
  • Connect your iPhone with your PC using the cable.
  • Your iPhone will ask whether to trust the PC. Hit ‘Trust This PC’.
  • Click on your iPhone picture in iTunes, navigate to the ‘Summary’ tab and click it.
  • Click the ‘Back Up Now’ button to create the backup.

2] Via Finder

iTunes will not work for Mac with macOS Catalina or above. For these versions, you have to use the official alternative, Finder. Create backups with Finder as follows.

  • Download and install Finder.
  • Launch it.
  • Connect your iPhone with your Mac using the cable.
  • There is a ‘Locations’ tab at the left. Choose your iPhone from its dropdown menu.
  • Your iPhone might ask whether to trust the PC. Allow the permission.
  • Hit the’ General’ tab Once your iPhone is opened in the app.
  • Select the backup now option.

3] Via File Explorer

Another super easy method is using the file explorer and manually copy-pasting the files. This method only creates a backup of your photos and videos within your gallery on a Windows PC. Follow the steps below.

  • Attach your iPhone to your PC.
  • Open iPhone as file explorer by going to ‘This PC’.
  • Inside the’ DCIM’, you will see various folders. Every folder has photos and videos according to dates. Copy all folders and paste where you desire.


A massive volume of people use iPhones. Every user has his data that is important to him. It would be best to create backups to avoid data losses because of unforeseen situations. However, a common myth is that creating a backup in iPhones is difficult. This article explained the methods to create one in great detail.