How to change back audio settings?

A few days ago, I ran an audio troubleshooter and I changed the audio output to headphones from speakers, and it does not work. Also, I can not change it back now and I don’t know why. Can someone tell me how can I reset the sound settings in Windows 10?

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Hi @EllisB,

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You just need to uninstall the audio driver in the device manager or in the control panel (if you have installed a certain audio driver software) after restart your device. Upon the next start, windows will automatically detect the right audio driver for your device.

I suggest this will be the best option for your scenario.

You need to re-install your audio drivers and try changing the properties using sound settings.

Hello @EllisB

In my opinion i think that, if you are able to listen the sound in any device than you don’t need to reinstall the driver you can change sound setting as suggested by @umer
2nd option is to reinstall driver.