How to change camera app default save location in Windows 10


For some of the reasons I would like to change my default save location in the camera app but the issue is I cannot change the default save location in the Camera app for Windows 10. I have gone into Settings/System/Storage and clicked on “Change where new content is saved” link. It shows save locations for new apps, documents, music, photos, etc and it shows as Windows OS (C:). When I click the drop-down it does not show any options to change this.

We do not have any local policies in place or any GPO’s as we do not restrict local app configurations. I am needing this as we have engineers that use a shared tablet and take photos and need to change the default save location from C:. I have even looked at the registry for the default apps and could not locate the same location either.


Hi @VictorV,

I would suggested to refresh your Windows 10. By doing so your Windows 10 OS corrupted files will be replaced with the new files all of the issues will be resolved. Please follow the below steps to Refresh your Windows 10 device.

How to Refresh Windows 10

  1. Download the Windows 10 iso file with your current Windows 10 built version or any newer version if you like.
  2. Mount the Windows 10 iso file by opening it
  3. Open the Setup.exe file and follow the on screen instrcution.