How to convert the whole disk at once from MBR to GPT?

So, I think I just destroyed all of my disk space while converting my HDD from MBR to GPT. I did so by converting every partition separately, since I could not find a command that lets me convert the whole disk at once. Can someone help me out so I do not make the same mistake twice?

Hi @Teddie

1.Open CMD as administrator and type Diskpart
2.type list disk
3.type select disk (Disk number)
4.type clean
5.convert gpt

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Hi @Teddie,

Please follow @Aravinth instruction and let us know you are able to proceed with it.

Hello @Teddie

First of all you can not convert every partition separately,
as what i understand that described by you.

Second, however if you have converted the harddisk by mistake and you want to go back to MBR then you take precaution of data
you take copy of all your data on an other harddisk.

In my opinion you can use the GUID Partition Table (GPT)
there is no problem in using GPT Style

when you convert your partition all data will be deleted, so copy your data to another disk and then convert it