How to create a good topic in our forum and get the best responses

If you want to ask a question and expect useful replies from the community, you should follow these rules.

Remember: The community’s time is freely given.

Feedback from our community fixers and our own analytics show the best responses are given to topics which have at least 150 words.

Give your topic a relevant name.

A title such as Error [] on Ahsay v8.3 backup is a lot more descriptive than [BackupCloudFileCmd.uploadBackupFiles][] Error=[d], and will engage the community.

Explain the error in detail

Rather than simply paste the error again, explain in detail more about the error.
Does the error show up in the system logs? If so, post the extract.
Paste the exact error or a screenshot.

Screenshots are very useful when trying to put the error into context. They prove the error exists, and you are reporting it correctly.

Paste error codes as text as well as an image. This allows the viewer to copy and paste into their preferred support sites which aren’t using or can’t access.

What have you done to resolve the error?

It is very important to tell everyone what steps you have taken to fix the problem.
The community shouldn’t have to explain to you the basics of updating software, how to check for faulty hardware in the logs, or when to reboot your system. You should do all the basic checks before creating a topic here.

Have you contacted the manufacturer of the affected piece of software or hardware?

If you have a warranty on a PC, tell the manufacturer first. It saves everyone’s time.

What do you want fixing?

It isn’t always obvious what is required of the community. If you have posted lots of error codes and all you want to do is improve the speed of your PC, then simply ask why is my PC so slow?

Never hijack threads or ask for 2 different fixes.

This is the biggest NO of any community.
If you have a monitor issue and your sound card is faulty, don’t post both on the same thread. They are very unlikely to have the same causes. These questions can confuse others and require more time than they want to give.

Example topic:


I am getting this error :
Error [] on Ahsay v8.3 backup.

I recently upgraded my OBM from v7.15. The backup server is using v8.3.
We have 2 other devices using the same version and they are unaffected.
All 3 accounts are only backing up file systems, and they are backing up to the same local NAS.
All devices are using Windows server 2016.
The affected server is an HP Proliant DL380 G10.

So, far I have:
Run the index repair in OBM from the utility menu.
Checked the Windows service packs are up to date and it has valid antivirus.
Rebooted the server.

The error can be caused by a faulty network card and I have checked inside the HP diags and everything checks out. This server has 4 inbuilt network cards and I have tried all 4.

I have spoken to Ahsay tech and they suggest it is a network issue.
Most probably where the network is intermittent between my server and the backup server or the storage destination. I can’t get my head around this because all 3 servers are using the switch and router.

Any ideas on this error please?