How to disable Easy of Access in Windows 10 PCs

Hi all,

I need to disable Ease Of Access on a large number of computers in one of my schools, little darlings have found the keyboard shortcut to High Contrast mode and are causing havoc! I have tried altering permissions on Utilman.exe (this has helped slightly as the EoA Button no longer works at logon), Blocking access to Settings / Control Panel, and preventing Hot Keys but, there’s still the keyboard shortcut (Shift Alt and PrintScr) Does anyone know of a way, once and for all to disable any access to High Contrast Mode??? I know it a common issue but I have found no definitive answer.



Hello @Aravind5858

You can disable control panel or specific display setting using group policy.
If you have Workgroup model network, then you will have to change settings on each computer one by one and if you have domain network the you can change setting by domain group policy from domain control.
If you have any query regarding this then feel free to contact me.