How to disable Microsoft Edge in Windows server 2019?

Hi Guys,

We were using Windows server essential 2012 R2 for nearly 7 years. Now as per our management decision we have upgraded to Windows server 2019. Everything went well and we have configured all the existing domain policies etc., But We are not satisfied with Microsoft edge installed in the Windows Server.

As my boss has some bad reviews on Microsoft Edge he wants me to disable or uninstall the Microsoft Edge completely on the New Windows Server 2019. So, I am looking for the best possible way so that even after the update Microsoft won’t automatically enable it.

Thank in advance


Microsoft Edge can’t be “disable” but it can be removed for some users. You can create a Powershell script to remove edge (or hide) edge. You can use the below command to uninstall Edge, then create a .ps1 file via GPO and on the User Logon Script add that .ps1

Get-AppxPackage *edge* | Remove-AppxPackage