How to disable tablet mode on windows 10 laptops

Are there is any way to disable the tablet mode of Windows 10 laptops
If it’s possible then how can we accomplish it?

there is a way by following it we can enable it on windows 10 laptops. Dismiss the tablet mode Swifty access setting by right-clicking the option. Turn it off by shoving the option athwart. Change the setting to "don’t ask, do not switch

It’s upon you can disable all of these actions and you can turn it back on switch it back on So what’s your reflection?
What’s your attention?
Is there any other option?
If there is any kind of setup or auction rather than choosing the GPO setup?

So has anyone else done this through Regedit before?

I admirably want to do this for a consumer whom do we support from a high level rather than standardly remoting into every laptop on their estates and disrupt every user at least for a 5 minutes

Hello @Palmer

Select action center on the taskbar (next to the date and time), and then select Tablet mode to turn it on or off