How to disable Windows 10 Updates Permanently?

One of my colleagues, He was trying to stop the automatic update feature on his PC.

He is using Windows 10 1909 on his laptop, recently he updates it, As it is every time it automatically updates he lose all network connectivity, almost completely. it connects to his router gets an IP address then fails to connect to the internet or any machines on his network.

He wishes to stop this automatic feature as he happy where it is and will be getting a new PC soonish anyway.

He tried to stop the update by disabling two services - the “Update Orchestra Service” and “Windows Update” which seem to control the search for and installation of new updates for software. Unfortunately, He has found that for some reason these seem to switch themselves on at random times and he finds the PC going back to updating automatically. It means that he finds himself having to do a rollback at least once a week - a complete waste of time.

Any options for stop permanently updates.?