How to edit a VPN connection in Windows 10?

Hi Guys,

I am using Windows 10 version 1809. I have created one new VPN connection in my device and I am able to edit a VPN Connection’s information such as IP Address, Protocol and Username, and password. However, for this particular network, I am only able to “Clear Sign-in Info”. I cannot find the setting or GPO which would allow me to go back and edit the information without just clearing or deleting it and creating a new VPN Connection.

Once I completed the testing in my device I am planning to deploy the VPN using Group Policy. For your information, I am using Windows Server 2012 R2.

When I log out of the domain user and use the Local Administrator the same options are available. Please could somebody point me in the right direction to rectify this setting?

Some help would be much appreciated. It could be a computer setting as well.

Thank you.


Hi @George,

I work for a small company where we are using VPN to connect our office network. I have been following one practice for more the last 2 year and I never had any issue following this.

  1. Select anyone Windows 10 Device
  2. Create a VPN as per your requirement
  3. Go to this location : C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Network\Connections\Pbk
  4. Copy the VPN phone book file
  5. Using any script deploying the phone book file to the same location on all the domain PC.

Following the above practice I never had to configure each device and all of my devices have the same configuration. Whenever I need any changes I simlely edit the VPN and replace the phonebook file on all the devices.


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Hi @George, I agree to the @tjnihal suggestion. Best way to have control over a VPN setting is to manage the phonebook file. Instead of editing the VPN setting problematically by a cmd or PowerShell code you can simply replace the phonebook file.