How to Find Storage on iPhone in 6 Quick Ways

Are you planning to buy an iPhone and want to know the storage? Or you want to manage the storage and see which applications are taking the most space. Storage sizes have become essential because our phones act as portable storage drives for us. If you have planned to buy a new iPhone or want to free up some space and are wondering how to find storage on iPhone, then here are some quick ways to get the storage capacity.

6 Quick Ways to Find the Storage Capacity of iPhones

Finding the storage capacity is easy and does not require much time. Let’s get started with the methods.

1] Via iPhone Settings

This method is the fastest of all. Navigate to Settings → General → iPhone Storage and that is it. Besides the storage used out of the total available capacity, you will also find storage that each installed app is using. Additionally, right at the bottom, you will find the storage size of your IOS and system data, which includes logs, caches, and other resources that the system uses.

2] In About Section

If you are only interested in the total and free storage capacity, then navigate to Settings → General → About. There, you will find both the total capacity and free space available. This, however, will not display the app-wise storage and data size of each app.

3] IMEI Lookup

If you have access to the iPhone but it is locked or cannot be powered on right now, then there is still a way to find the storage size. All you need is the IMEI. Some older iPhones have their IMEIs printed on their back. Otters have this printed on their SIM card slot.

Once you get the IMEI, go to IMEI Info, type in the number and get the total storage available. This method only tells you the total storage capacity. This will not show you the space used or app-wise space used.

4] Via Finder or iTunes

You can also get the storage capacity with iTunes and Finder. However, for this, you will need a connecting cable and a laptop. Additionally, whether you have to use iTunes and Finder depends on the macOS version.

If you are on Windows or macOS Mojave 10.14 or earlier, you will have to open iTunes. Otherwise, for a Mac installed with macOS Catalina 10.15 or above, you will have to use the Finder application. The application does not matter because the process is the same.

  • Connect your iPhone with the laptop.
  • Depending on the OS, launch iTunes or Finder.
  • Select your iPhone from the GUI.
  • Then, you will see the iPhone’s storage capacity.

You will also see a bar that indicates the storage used according to data type. For instance, you will see Documents and Data, which means stored files of the application, Safari files, attachments, etc. Similarly, you will see categories like Photos, Videos, Books, etc.

5] macOS Ventura and Later or macOS Monterey and Below

The method for both operating systems is almost the same, with minor differences. If you are on a Mac with macOS Ventura or above, then navigate to Apple Menu → Settings → General. However, for macOS Monterey or below, navigate to Apple Menu → About This Mac → Storage.

6] Receipt and Box

This is probably the most obvious way. If you have the receipt or box of the iPhone, you can easily find the storage capacity printed on it.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you want to free up some space or want to buy a new iPhone and want to check the storage, you can easily find it. We have seen how you can get the storage capacity by using every possible method available.