How to Fix the Error "Some Files Were Unavailable During The Last Backup?"

Encountering the error message “some files were unavailable during the last backup” can be perplexing. This blog post delves into the possible causes, consequences of neglecting it, and steps to rectify the issue.

Understanding the Error’s Origins:

The message suggests that specific files remained unbacked during your device’s backup to iCloud or iTunes due to being in use, locked, encrypted, corrupted, or inaccessible. Common causes include:

  1. An app actively accessing or altering files during the backup.
  2. Password-protected or encrypted files that backup software couldn’t unlock or decrypt.
  3. Files damaged or corrupted beyond the backup software’s ability to read or copy.
  4. Files stored in locations not included in the backup settings (e.g., external drives, network drives, or cloud services).

Implications of Ignoring the Error:

Disregarding this error message could lead to various risks and inconveniences:

  1. Loss of essential data in device loss, theft, damage, or reset cases.
  2. Inability to restore your device from the incomplete backup.
  3. Potential compatibility issues or errors when accessing or using unbacked files.
  4. Wastage of storage space and bandwidth on incomplete or redundant backups.

Steps for Resolution:

To address the error message and ensure comprehensive file backups, consider these steps:

  1. Identify the files that were unavailable during the last backup. Check the backup details in iCloud or iTunes for any files marked with a warning icon or a message indicating their unavailability.
  2. Ensure that these files are not currently in use, locked, encrypted, corrupted, or inaccessible. Close relevant apps, unlock or decrypt password-protected or encrypted files, repair or delete damaged or corrupted files, and relocate files from excluded locations to included ones.
  3. Perform another backup to confirm the error message no longer appears. Initiate a manual backup in iCloud or iTunes and verify the successful backup of all files.

We hope this blog post has clarified dealing with the error message “some files were unavailable during the last backup.”