How to Fix Veeam.backup.agentprovider.agentclosedexception Error

When you use Veeam software, if you get an error “Veeam.backup.agentprovider.agentclosedexception” when backing up or restoring your data. In other words, the halt of a backup and recovery process occurs due to the abrupt termination of Veeam Agent Service being present on the target system. This blog post will explain where the error comes from and how one can deal with it and prevent a recurrence.

The error “Veeam.backup.agentprovider.agentclosedexception” can occur due to various reasons, such as:

  • There were errors either because the Veeam agent service was not running or because it had been stopped on the target computer.
  • Veeam agent service is blocked by a firewall, an antivirus, or a target machine.
  • Veeam Agent corrupts on a target computer’s end or during backups by the backup server.
  • First, the Veeam agent may not have sufficient requisite permissions and resource(s) on the backup server.
  • Such incidents may occur due to instability or interruption in network communication between the target machine and a backup server.

How to Fix Veeam.backup.agentprovider.agentclosedexception

To troubleshoot the error “Veeam.backup.agentprovider.agentclosedexception”, you can try the following steps:

  • Start Veeam agent service on the target machine. First of all, you will have to open the services Console (services.msc), where there should be the Veeam Agent for Windows Service. Ensure that the service startup option is on automatic or restart it manually if it runs. If already running, restart the service and then try once more using backup restore.

  • Check if an antivirus or a firewall is filtering the Veeam Agents service on the target machine or in the backup server. One way of addressing this would be to switch off the firewall or antivirus for a try once more. If the process is successful, add an exception for Veeam Agent Service in your firewall and antivirus systems. You can find more information on how to do this in the Veeam documentation:

  • Test and make sure Veeam Agent Service is not corrupted or outdated on the target computer and the backup disk. Therefore, you need to uninstall the old version of Veeam Agent Software and install the new one onto any of your computers.

  • Allow Veeam Agent Service to gain access and have required resources in the targeted machine as well as a backup server. It is possible by assigning local administrators rights to the account responsible for Veeam agent service on both of the machines, as well as having plenty of disk space and memory. Furthermore, you can access the Windows Event Viewer for any warnings and error messages concerning the Veeam Agent Service.

  • Ascertain if there was any disturbance in connection to a network for communication to the backup box and the target device. One can do this through a pinging technique of both devices, searching for dropped packets/delayed communications. Also, you should confirm that no networking device can interfere with the transmission communication between these two computers.

However, if these do not work for “veeam.backup.agentprovider.agentclosedexception”, talk to Veeam providers. You can submit a support case here: Veeam Customer Support Portal

I am hopeful that this blog post sheds light on this “Veeam.backup.agentprovider.agentclosedexception” issue for you. You are free to leave a question/feedback in the comments section whenever you feel like it.