How to install Windows 10 Feature update without user interaction?


This problem has been stumping me. I am using WSUS to approve the 1909 feature update to a group of PC’s before I unleash it to my entire user base. With the other Windows updates, once I approve them in WSUS they install overnight and therefore the computer reboots as required. However with the 1909 feature update, it seems to attend for the user to click “Restart Now”, then acts like it’s installing, and when it reboots the pc, the user is presented with a “Choose your keyboard layout” screen. Once that’s bypassed and that they log back to Windows, Windows Update sees 1909 as required, re-downloads it, installs it, and this point the PC is updated to1909 successfully after reboot.

Now I have these two question annoying in my head:

  1. Why does this update not install itself automatically like all other updates, once approved in WSUS? and
  2. Why does the first installation attempt always fail to the “Choose your keyboard layout” screen but the second attempt is successful?



Try to deploying the contents of the ISO to a temp folder on workstations, then running the following command from the path the ISO contents were placed:

  • setup.exe /auto upgrade /quiet /noreboot /compat ignorewarning

Maybe this is what you are looking for :grinning:

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The best way to install any Windows 10 updates including feature update, critical updates, cumulative update and security update etc., is to use WSUS. Windows Server Update Services ( WSUS ) enables information technology administrators to deploy the latest Microsoft product updates. You can use WSUS to fully manage the distribution of updates that are released through Microsoft Update to computers on your network.

I hope this helps

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