How to join a Windows 10 Device to a Domain?

I am about to join one of the laptops to a newly created domain. I have found information about adding a PC/Laptop with Windows 10 Pro. But, all of the information suggests I have to change the DNS settings to the IP of the DC Server. If I do not use the Server IP address, the Domain controller is not found and therefore we are unable to add to domain.

So one might suggest that we set the DNS to the Server’s IP. Once I do that, and in the case of a laptop, the user takes the laptop out of the local network, that DNS setting is no longer valid. If the laptop cannot obtain DNS information from the DHCP server in another location, internet access is denied or just doesn’t work?

For your kind information, I am new to system admin join and this is my first experience to create a domain network.

Any help is appreciated in advance!!!


Adding Windows 10 device to a Domain Using PowerShell**

  1. Open PowerShell with administrator rights and type the following command:
    Add-Computer -DomainName "Domain Name" -Credential "Domain Username"


  2. Once pressing Enter, you will be prompted to enter your domain user password.

  3. A warning will be displayed in yellow like the one below. You need to reboot to finish the task.image

Now restart the PC and login with your domain credential.

How to join a computer to a domain in Windows 10:

  1. On the Start screen, type Control Panel , and then press ENTER.
  2. Navigate to System and Security , and then click System .
  3. Under Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings , click Change settings .
  4. On the Computer Name tab, click Change .
  5. Under Member of , click Domain , type the name of the domain that you wish this computer to join, and then click OK .
  6. Click OK , and then restart the computer.