How to manage new features in Windows 10 after upgrading to new version?


I would like to know what are the steps are other IT Pro’s are taking after upgrading to the new Windows 10 versions. No doubts Microsoft releases new feature updates twice a year which contain some new features in which some of them need to be disabled or stopped for the office environment.

Like other companies, ours also has some strict work policies which doesn’t allow unwanted and unrequired things installed on the desktop. Now I am following the manual process where after the every upgrade I look for the new features and make a list of it, later discuss with my team, and get approval from my manager to enabled or disable new features.

Now I would like to hear what process other IT Pro’s are following to make this process easier.



I work for a small company where I manage around 100 Windows 10 devices. We are always skipping the march feature update so that we can save some of our times. When Microsoft release the September update we upgrade our Testing device to the latest version.

Later the testing device will be install all of our internal and external application and give for testing to each of our team to testing the software. In the mean time we will use another testing device to check for the new features released in this version, newly introduced group policy.

Once our production user complete the testing of the software we will create a report and have a meeting with our management to get approval to release this version to the production computers.


Before released to the production computer always test the new version or the new version in a testing PC and released it to the production computers only when you are satisfied. I would prefer to create a test computer that I would use initially to test the new version. After that, I divided all the available computers into batches based on the configuration and released the update to a single PC. Once you get the satisfied released from all the batches and each PCs after released the update to all the production computers. This sounds time consuming but I bet you will be thankful for this process later.