How to monitor temprature for all the devices


Yesterday I attend one complaint I was told lines appearing in full of display for few mins and then system when to black screen. When I open the system cabinet I found SMPS fan was completely dead. Due to this System cabinet on over heat even I couldn’t touch the SMPS.

I am not sure from when the SMPS Fan was dead. To me it seems very serious issue because it could lead to hardware damage.

So, What will be the best way to monitor all the devices in my environment? we are a domain environment all with Windows 10 PCs.


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Very easy to do.
We use APC temp and humidity modules plugged into our UPS’.

There are loads of devices with you can put in the top of the rack with SNMP, email alerts. I would suggest buying good quality.

You will also need to check the device is alive. If it dies and the rack overheats, you are back to square one. You can set up a simple ping error check to the device. Some software will alert you when the device’s heartbeat goes offline.

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Hello @tjnihal
You can go to BIOS setup, there you can check cpu temperature and cpu fan speed as well as cabinet fan speed also.

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