How to protect a folder in Windows 10? What are the best Options?

Hello guys,

We are a small shop with 4 PC with all of them having Windows 10 OS with the version of Windows 10 1909. One of the PC used as a common PC which is left without login and it remain ON 24/7. We use this PC for some common work.

Now, my requirement is even being a common PC I need to place some confidential information on that PC due to some requirement and protect it from our staff. Whenever someone logging the folder there should be a option to place the password.

I hope my requirement is possible but not sure how to get started.

Thanks in advance for any tips


I have used WinRAR for this type of work. Install WinRAR application on that PC and select the folder or file file on PC which you want to protect, right click on the file in Windows Explorer, you will then find the WinRAR options. If you want to password protect multiple files and documents, you can put them into a folder, then lock the folder with password. But this feature is not available on the free version of WinRAR and you need buy a licensed version in order to have this feature.


Hi @Ashlay,

I suggest you look for the best third party software instead of relying on Windows 10 features. There is an option in Windows 10 using that you can protect the folder by user wise. Both it has limited features so, better start looking for Win-Zip or WinRar or any other third party software which are specialized in the security settings.