How to rearrange pinned items in the jump lists?

Hello. I upgraded to Windows Server 2019, I’m having a problem to rearrange pinned items in the jump lists. Since I don’t know how to do it, could you please explain it to me. I would be thankful, cheers!

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Hi @Danny,

It seems there is a bug on domain-joined Windows Server 2019 box. Few users have reported the same problems please check this thread Start menu layout cannot be changed

Open the jump list for the program you want to edit it for. You will see a list of pinned items and the items you frequently access from said program. Drag & drop isn’t going to work on any one of them. Their order is defined by the sequence they were pinned in with the most recently pinned item appearing at the very bottom of the list. To rearrange these items you have to unpin and repin them in the order you want them to appear in.

Right-click an item on the jump list and unpin it. Follow suit for all items and then pin them again in the order you want them to appear in. Remember that the most recently pinned item appears at the bottom of the list so you can start pinning them in a 1,2,3… sequence where the first item is the one you want appearing at the top of the list.

There’s no need to point out the obvious i.e. this is incredibly annoying, time consuming, and you’re going to have to do this every time you want to change the order of the items that appear on the list. Microsoft didn’t do much good by removing the drag & drop feature and leaving users to rely on this very archaic method for sort and ordering items.

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Follow the steps in this link