How to reinstall the old version of Microsoft Edge in Windows 10?


My Windows 10 PC has automatically upgraded in Microsoft Edge version to the new chromium version Microsoft Edge. I am not sure when this changes was occurred. Now I want the Microsoft Edge older version in my PC. For some reason I want the old Microsoft Edge.

How can i get back the old Microsoft Edge in my Windows 10 device?


  1. First, open the start menu, search for “Registry Editor” in the start menu and click on the first result to open the Registry Editor. After opening it, copy and paste the below path in the Registry Editor’s address bar and press Enter to go to the folder.



  1. Once you are at the target folder, right-click on the “Microsoft” folder and select the “New → Key” option. Name the new folder as “EdgeUpdate” and press Enter to confirm the name.


  1. Now, right-click on the EdgeUpdate folder and select the “New → Dword Value” option. Name the new dword value as “Allowsxs” and press Enter to confirm it.


  1. After creating the value, double-click on it. Enter “1” in the Value Data field and click “Ok” to save changes.


  1. Finally, close the Registry Editor and reboot Windows 10.

Follow the step by step explained by @AnthonyD. This procedure can help you get back the legacy version of Microsoft Edge in your Windows 10 Device. Let us know if the above steps was helpful or you had any issues during the recovery process.


Installing the Stable Channel of the next version of Microsoft Edge at the system-level will cause the current version (Microsoft Edge Legacy) to be hidden. If you want to let your users see both versions of Microsoft Edge side by side in Windows, you can enable this experience by setting the Allow Microsoft Edge Side by Side browser experience group policy to Enabled .