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Original question posted
I am evaluating object storage between Backblaze B2, Wasabi and AWS. Has anyone testing these fully and can offer a benchmark?

The Good

Those 3 use object storage with an S3 connector.
AWS invented S3 as an industry standard and it is being adopted by lots of other vendors.

Your experience will vary depending on where you are. Wasabi only has data centres in the US, and Holland. B2 runs on in the US, AWS has the largest span of data centres
You left Microsoft Azure off your list. They don’t support S3 yet but have many more data centres than AWS using their own proprietary object storage.

Location is important because of latency and your country’s regulations.
We have used all 3 from our DC in Germany and have seen no difference in latency.

All have approx. the same price, but egress (data transferred out of the data centre) varies tremendously.
AWS charges $0.05 per GB, B2 charge $0.01 and Wasabi is free. Wasabi allows you to download 100% of your total storage before they apply charges.

These guys did a benchmark test on B2, Wasabi and Azure -

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The Bad

This would be useful for me. I tried AWS and it worked OK, but not tested B2.
I think they all use S3.
I have used an external USB disk attached to our server for storage also.

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The Ugly

I have the same question

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