How to Start and Stop a Windows services on Windows 10

I am a software developer I am developing one application which is depends on Windows 10 services for execution. I want this services to be start and stop as per my requirement. As you can see in the below image for the demo purpose I have choose Windows Update service, When you right click it you only have option to start, stop, pause, resume and restart.

If you check the properties of any service you have the below option to start the service on startup like Automatic (Delayed Start), Automatic, Manual and Disabled


My requirement:

I will be creating one new services but this should be start as per my requirement only not on system startup or system login. So, is there any way I can start and stop the service as per my requirement?



If you are in domain environment then you can use group policy to control windows services for your end users.

Using Group Policy Preferences to configure a Service

Step 1. Edit a computer Group Policy Object that is targeted to the computers that you want to control the service.

Step 2. Navigate to Computer Configuration > Preferences > Control Panel Settings > Services

This will be the most easiest and effective method to control the services for Windows computers.

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