How to uninstall, remove or otherwise hide UMP apps from the start menu


The school in which I am working deploying W10 When a staff member or pupil logs in, (test accounts so far) they get a selection of UWP apps show up in the start menu. How do I get rid of these icons?

The start menu is redirected using group policy (Windows Settings>Folder Redirection) The UWP shortcuts aren’t in that directory so the machine is picking it up from somewhere…

Based on the current reading I have done the following:

GPO: Turn off Microsoft consumer experiences, enabling
GPO: Turn off the Store application, enabled
Scripts: tried numerous scripts from others and my own to “Uninstall” the apps, they all share similarities with

On the subject of “uninstalling” the apps using scripts (as mentioned above), I have had ‘some’ success here, it has worked on some machines (seemingly permanently) but not others. This in itself baffles me. I have cleared the test account’s roaming profile between each test just to make sure preferences/settings are not to blame, seemingly to no effect.

If I log in as a pupil, I can see the app icons in the start menu. If I run the get-appx package in PowerShell, I can see that the app is not currently installed. If I click the app icon, it installs and runs the app! (running get-appx package again will show it in the list)

So any suggestions appreciate.