How to wipe a Virtual Disk located in Azure Data center?


Last year we had to move our 1.5 TB of data to a Azure VM disk. I used 2 TB managed disk for that purpose. Now we no longer required that data so we complete remove the data and wipe that disk.

I have wiped many physical disk using Dariks boot an nuke" (DBAN) software but this one Virtual disk also located in Azure Data center. Is there any way to guarantee that a VHD is safely erased? I’m thinking of a similar function that I get using tools like “Dariks boot an nuke” (DBAN).

So, My question is How to wipe a Virtual Disk located in Azure Data center?

By default Microsoft Azure encrypt every drive which is safe as those encryption details are attached to our storage accounts. By deleting the disk we are save that no one can recover the data even if they try to. You can refer the below image for more details:

Second I found this Microsoft article Azure customer data protection. Which includes the following:

Data destruction :
When customers delete data or leave Azure, Microsoft follows strict standards for overwriting storage resources before their reuse, as well as the physical destruction of decommissioned hardware. Microsoft executes a complete deletion of data on customer requests and on contract termination.

So, by just deleting the Azure virtual Disk Microsoft Azure take care of the wiping process before that disk is reallocated to other uses.


When you delete anything in Azure, it is purged and no one else can use it. No need to worry.
Looks like you realise that because you asked and answered your own question.

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At the time of posting I wasn’t fully aware. It was a huge amount of data so I was waiting for a second opinion.