HP Printer not able to add to Windows 10 1809 golden image

I need to upgrade 200 of our PCs to Windows 10 1809 (Build 17763) image for future deployment, but I am stuck on a major problem with adding HP printers from our print server.

I can add Canon, Xerox, and Brother printers to this new 1809 image just fine, but not HP.

When I attempt to add an HP printer, it gives me the error “Windows cannot connect to the printer. There is not enough memory to complete this operation.”

This is happening only on physical machines, a virtual machine running Windows 10 1809 does not have this issue. If we were on VDIs, that’d be great, unfortunately, we’re not there yet.

I have searched for this problem, and 99% of the results are referencing Vista having problems adding printers. The other 1% is people on HP forums complaining about drivers not being compatible with Windows 10 1809. I don’t have a good idea of which HP Universal PCL6 Driver is certified to work with Windows 10 1809 because HP claims that all their Windows 10 drivers work with 1809 which is patently untrue.


Update all drivers and OS and try to add HP printer from Control Panel>Device and Printer>Add a Printer