HP probook 450 G5 bit locker problem after April update Windows

I have a problem:
After April 10 update windows 10 I could not log in to windows and after restart windows, I ran a table with a message:
Bitlocker Encryption Restore

  1. I didn’t know when encrypting a new laptop, the encryption feature was automatically set up and I didn’t make any backup password.
    I have no recovery password and I also have no backup on Microsoft account.

I have blocked the two hard drives that were on the laptop and I can’t get the data.

Is there any way to get to my hardware data ???
I did some photos where some data and I don’t know if it can help me.

I have:
Numerical password
External Key

A lot of hopes were depending on you guys is there is any solution to this issue.

Please guide me to the right path which can be easy for me
Thanks a lot

Hello @Davies

Did you try to uninstall April update and reinstall it manually?

Try the bit locker tool for recover your data.


Try to run windows in safe mode and then from control panel uninstall last updates.

then restart your PC, it may fix your problem